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The burpee is a popular exercise favored by the military, athletic trainers, and fitness enthusiasts. To know the burpee is to love or loathe it (or both) for its high level of intensity that stretches the boundaries of endurance. The exercise can be simple yet demanding, but the gains certainly make the pain worthwhile. In exchange for a little time, exertion, and persistence, the burpee can help you achieve and maintain a higher level of overall fitness without special equipment or gym memberships.

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1. What Are Burpees?

The burpee is a series of movements that can be a standalone workout or part of circuit training. It typically involves a repeated cycle of squats, pushups, and jumps. Trainers have developed many burpee variations for a range of body types and experience levels. Widely used versions include:

  • Beginner - no push-up
  • Basic - a popular version often displayed in magazines
  • Jack - adds a jumping jack-style movement
  • Sit-Thru - core-intensive, rotational movements
  • Renegade Row to Press - row and press movements that focus more on the back, core, and shoulders
  • Spiderman - advanced variation that targets shoulders, chest, core, triceps, and legs

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