The blue zones are areas in the world, notably: Sardinia – Italy, Ikaria – Greece, Okinawa – Japan, Nicoya – Costa Rica, and Loma Linda – USA.

Although locality wise, these areas are far from each other, they all have a few things in common in regards to the people’s longevity of life and health. They follow some simple culinary rules, and this has widely become known as the blue zone diet. The simple guideline here is mainly to eat fresh, not processed. Whole foods only, this should be a number one goal when eating food on the blue zone diet, and kick the processed stuff to the curb. Processed is anything that was made in a factory and with more than five ingredients. Other ways of eating are set out below to kick start you on to a longer, healthier, happier food life.

1. Vegetables rule!

Plants and vegetables are so good for the human body, for many reasons, but one main reason is that all plant food has protein. Plant foods even have a better, and more concentrated, protein element than that which is found in animal foods. Animal protein contains extra stuff like cholesterol, saturated fats and even antibiotics and added hormones.
Consuming all kinds of fruits and vegetables is one of the first tips for this way of eating, but getting down to specifics, green leafy vegetables are the best in regards to nutrition. For fruit, enjoy yourself; there is no limit on which fruits you can eat on the blue zone diet.