Anxiety Disorder

The anxiety disorder is a group of mental conditions caused by a combination of factors or possibly more complicated mental illnesses. Anxiety disorder has a tremendous impact on the world’s population, where as many as every fourth individual is prone to suffering from it. It takes up to six months for the symptoms of anxiety disorder to manifest. 12% of the world’s population is diagnosed with this disorder every year, and every person on earth has a 5-30% chance of suffering from anxiety disorder during their lifetime. Knowledge of its early appearance makes it highly treatable, while later treatment may prove completely futile.

The misconception that anxiety disorder is a sort of social fear is completely untrue because fear is an emotion displayed in the face of something perceived as a threat, while anxiety is a feeling of unease in specific situations. Aside from sweaty palms, occasional shivering, profuse sweating, tooth grinding and even sexual dysfunction, anxiety is recognizable by some symptoms that can be identified through questionnaires. This disorder can be treated with various remedies that are also used for much more serious mental complications. While it does not pose a serious health threat in itself, the constant tension that accompanies it can do serious damage to the nervous system.



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