You have managed a healthy and safe pregnancy. And now you have a beautiful newborn in your arms, what is next? You will probably need six weeks to get used to it. Your baby’s first year will provide you with many learning curves. A baby needs a lot of care at this stage in their life. Every minute you spend together counts. Parent-infant bonding is important for both parents. Bonding has a huge effect on a child’s early development.

Your infant might feel fragile in your arms and you might feel intimidated, but once you know the basics you will be all right. You should accept all the help you can get. At the hospital, you can learn many useful tips about how to look after your baby. Basic baby care, feeding, development, crying, illnesses, activities, and childcare, it’s all here to make your parenthood a smooth and blissful experience. Facty Health can be your safe and accessible space to ask the questions you might be too embarrassed to ask your mom or your doula. Though there is no reason you should be embarrassed, sometimes you don’t want to bother people with clarification questions. We get it.



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