Pranic healing uses energy to help clients recover from a variety of illnesses. People who practice pranic healing believe that prana or life energy can help accelerate the healing process in the body. Everyone can heal themselves with pranic healing if they learn and practice it. Pranic healing is practiced all over the world.

1. Who is the Founder of Pranic Healing?

A man named Grand Master Choa Kok Sui founded the modern version of pranic healing. He studied the effects of pranic healing over a 20-year period, using evidence-based research and experimentation. The system he developed is easy to learn, and evidence shows its ability to help people. There are over 100 pranic healing centers around the world that follow his guidelines. Chia Kok Sui established healing centers in 45 countries and traveled to each of them, where he gave classes and seminars about the benefits of pranic healing.

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