Leeks, a member of the onion (allium) family, resemble large green onions but have a stronger, more earthy taste. While not as common in the United States, leeks are a staple in French and Spanish cooking. Not only are they tasty, they also offer health benefits that range from lowering blood pressure to facilitating weight loss to helping your skin stay luminous and youthful. This vegetable is easy to grow in most climates and can add great flavor to stir-fry, salad, braised meat dishes, and soups.

1. Leeks Improve Eyesight

Leeks are rich in vitamin A, one of the nutrients necessary for the eyes to properly function. They are also loaded with antioxidants that help the eyes combat environmental pollutants or allergens with which they might come in contact. Lastly, leeks are good sources of zeaxanthin and lutein, which shield the eyes, thus helping prevent cataracts.