In the past, being a vegetarian used to mean not being able to taste the flavors of meat ever again. This became a reason why people often didn’t become vegetarians, or strictly vegetarians. They just loved the flavor of meat too much. For a while, food chemists toiled with meat substitutes. These were often barely edible and didn’t come close to the real taste of meat. However, thanks to new technology in the culinary arts, there are now numerous meat substitutes out there that are delicious. The best ones are listed below.

1. Tofu

The classic and most common meat substitute is tofu. It is an ingredient that is so common today that it is often found in dishes that also contain meat as it is so enjoyable to eat. Tofu can be made to be flavored like a wide variety of meats, as well as seafood. Therefore it has a lot of value as a meat substitute. However, it can also be bland as anything if not prepared properly and contains a lot of soy, which won’t work for many people’s diets.