A Himalayan salt lamp is crafted out of pink salt crystals that are mined out of the Himalayan mountain range, hence the name. These unique pink salt lamps radiate a light pink to orangish hue depending on the minerals and radiate out a very relaxing, meditative light. The bulb is carefully placed inside of hollowed-out salt crystals so that both heat and light are produced. They are used to add an organic touch to home décor. And to promote mindfulness in a home or an office space. Surprisingly, they also have some tremendous health benefits.

1. Reduces the Symptoms of Asthma & Allergies

One of the main reasons that people purchase Himalayan salt lams is because they can remove microscopic particles out of the air. These can include mildew, pet dander, dust, mold, and similar items that can cause both allergy and asthma symptoms to increase. After a week or two, many people report that they can breathe a lot easier. Some people even get inhalers that utilize Himalayan pink salt because of its many benefits.

9) Improves Asthma and Overall Breathing