A lot of people consider masturbation as a healthy and normal sexual activity. Both men and women do it, and yet it remains to be quite controversial. There are a lot of different opinions about masturbation from myths and other bizarre claims. Masturbation is an act where a person would stimulate his genitals to achieve sexual pleasure. Masturbation act is a regular part of healthy sexual development. There are different reasons why people masturbate. Some common causes are fun, tension release, and pleasure. Some people masturbate on their own while others do it with their partner. In this article, we’ll go through the different side effects of masturbation:

1. Feeling of Guilt

This is one of the most frequent side effects of masturbation. Feelings of guilt are common because the mere act is a taboo. So some people who do it may worry that the act conflicts with their cultural, spiritual or religious beliefs, therefore, causing the guilty feelings. But in reality, masturbation isn’t wrong or immoral, and neither is self-pleasure. If a person experiences guilt because of masturbation, he/she can speak to a therapist or any healthcare professional or specialist of sexual health. Doing this may help the person move past the guilt or any other harmful feelings associated with masturbation.

Feeling of Guilt