Burdock is a flowering plant, similar to thistle, which grows around the world. In many Asian cultures, its root is used as an ingredient in different foods, to boost the immune system, and as a treatment for coughs and throat conditions. Burdock roots are lean and white, growing up to two feet long.

Burdock roots contain phytochemicals, antioxidative agents that can be used to combat a variety of health conditions, especially those afflicting the limbic system and metabolism. Rich in fiber and essential nutrients and minerals, burdock root can be consumed as a food, brewed into tea, or pressed for essential oil.

1. Blood Purifier

Burdock can help your body fight off many types of fungus and bacteria. It helps your kidneys purify your body of harmful contaminants, and acts as a “purifier” for your blood. Detoxifying the blood and body by removing harmful bacteria from the systems is a necessary part of keeping the body healthy. Burdock root can kill bacteria in the bloodstream, resulting in detoxification. Burdock removes heavy metals from your bloodstream. As a result, overall organ function and circulation improve.