The coconut is one of our most versatile and healthy natural food sources. Many of us have read about how natives of the Pacific islands know how to get the fullest uses of the coconut. Its milk provides them with a thirst quenching drink, its flesh is edible and very healthy, coconut oil has multiple uses and even the hard shell can be made into vessels. In the western world over recent years we have become much more conscious about the amazing benefits of coconut oil in the beauty care. The fact that Angelina Jolie and other leading Hollywood actresses have become regular coconut oil users enhances its appeal to women around the world.
The presence of vitamins D and E as well as iron in coconut oil make it an ideal hair conditioner. Hair experts claim that if you soak your hair a few hours in coconut oil it improves hair health and gives an attractive shine to the hair. Evidence also indicates that the unique anti-bacterial properties found in this oil help prevent the development of bacterial infections in the scalp. It contain particularly high levels of an anti-bacterial substance called lauric acid On the aesthetic level coconut oil contains a fatty acid that is very helpful in dandruff treatments.

Another popular use of coconut oil in beauty therapy is as a skin moisturizer. This is a recommended way to replenish the skin’s natural oil and to fight acne and other kinds of skin irritations. Besides keeping skin soft and healthy some argue that the antioxidants present in coconut oil can help slow down the aging process. For example, if you put this oil on the skin under the eyes it hydrates the skin and thus reduces the wrinkling that occurs as people get older. The nature of this oil makes it particularly appropriate for use on the skin and lips since it is immediately absorbed and leaves no marks.
Coconut oil has also its cosmetic uses. Some ladies have discovered that they can whiten their teeth by swilling the oil around in their mouths for a couple of minutes. This oil’s anti-bacterial properties may help to ward off dental plaque. It also makes an excellent and safe makeup remover. Experts recommend that women remove makeup before going to sleep but if this removal is not done carefully skin might be damaged. It should take little more than five minutes to remove most of the makeup if you apply coconut oil all over the face with a cotton ball.

The protection it offers against sunburn it probably one of the lesser known attributes of coconut oil. It cannot serve as a substitute for an effective anti-sunburn cream for someone who will be exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, but over short periods it performs well. Even someone who has made the mistake of getting sunburnt gets some relief if they apply coconut oil to the affected skin areas. Once again, it is the antioxidants in this oil that reduce the skin inflammation and pain.
People can easily make the mistake of thinking that coconut oil could be harmful to anyone with tree-nut allergies but despite the name botanists do not classify it as a nut. While most people will not be too interested in botanical classifications what this means in everyday terms is that people with tree nut allergies can use coconut oil freely. Besides being an effective skin moisturizing agent and enhancing resistance to bacterial infection, coconut oil can safely be used on even the most sensitive baby skin.