Sex and pleasure go hand in hand; and when sex is on the mind – the last thing a person can think of is maintaining a healthy weight or enhancing the immune system. However, the truth is that good sex certainly brings along health benefits that are not just restricted to weight loss and healthy immune system! The health benefits of sex might come across as a surprise for many, but according to Joy Davidson PHD, New York based sex therapist, sex can benefit a person’s body in a lot many ways.
It’s not like you need more reasons to have sex, but just to get you pumped, here are a few ‘oh-some’ health facts that you can benefit from when you’re getting it on.

1. Sex relieves stress

Stress is not good for a person’s health however, in this fast paced world, it is just not possible to avoid stress. At such point of time, sex comes as a great aid. It is stated in journal, ‘biology psychology’ that people having active sexual life have lower stress levels, as compared to the ones having abstained sexual life. Also, frequent intercourse results in reduced diastolic blood pressure.