Smokers crave cigarettes, feel extremely hungry all the time, get irritated often, cough at times, and have concentration related troubles. If that is not enough, then it causes heart diseases, increased risk to blindness, lung cancer, artery damage, and even a decline in mental function.
Can you muster up the courage to snub cigarettes and quit smoking forever?
If you still need more incentive to end smoking, here are 10 reasons that are surely going to have you change your mind.


1. Desire Younger Looking Skin?

Who doesn’t want younger looking, healthy skin? Well, if you are a smoker, you surely are ready to compromise with your looks.  Smoking is one thing that wrecks your looks completely. It does a major damage to your appearance and results in the premature development of facial wrinkles. Smoking cessation means no more carbon monoxide blocking the way of oxygen and blood in your body. With the collagen production being back to normal, your skin will get more nutrients, thereby delaying the facial aging and appearance of wrinkles. Quit smoking if you desire to look better.