Smokers crave cigarettes. They also feel hungry, get irritated more than usual, cough a lot, and have trouble concentrating.  If that’s not enough, smoking also increases the risk for blindness, heart disease, lung cancer, and a decline in mental function. Can you muster up the courage to snub cigarettes and quit smoking forever?


1. Improve Skin Complexion

Who doesn’t want younger, radiant skin? Well, if you are a smoker, then you must compromise your looks including your glowing, healthy complexion.  Smoking is one thing that wrecks your appearance. If you’re a smoker, expect significant damage to your face including the presence of premature wrinkles. When you quick smoking, oxygen and blood can flow freely through your body rather than being blocked by harmful carbon monoxide. As collagen production gets back to normal, your skin will have more nutrients; thus, delaying the facial aging and appearance of wrinkles.

If you desire to have beautiful skin, quit smoking.