Summertime memories are often the most cheerful points and periods of our lives. All those unforgettable walks, parties and barbecues have one thing in common. What is that, you ask? Good food? Not quite. Friends? Yes, but that’s not what we’re aiming for. The answer is mosquito bites. These small spots on our skin work like insect nemesis. It turns even the best possible day into a scratching bonanza.

There are various reasons why these pesky winged creatures attack us. With furious envy, we look at our mosquito bite-free friends. What makes them so special and allows them to escape the mosquito agony? The answer is quite simple – mosquitoes are drawn to certain things. Like we love the smell of barbecue, they adore certain smells that our body emits. No matter how much bug spray we use, they can still track us down. Regardless of how much effort we invest, they will keep assaulting if we don’t stop with the things they love. To understand these creatures, we’ve decided to break out some interesting facts. These are en facts, about the real truth behind mosquito bites. These reasons may be the very thing that saves your summer day from becoming a real-life nightmare. If you choose to put in place them and experiment a little bit, your days of being a mosquito victim may be over. Let’s take a look at what makes these critters attack us.

1. Post-workout sweat

Let’s break out one crucial fact here: Mosquitoes aren’t drawn by the smell of your blood, but to the amounts of CO2 you emit. When you work out, you emit more CO2 than ever before. By breathing it out and allowing your skin to breathe more, you become a target from mosquitoes. Having swarms of mosquitoes attack after a workout can be especially annoying. You are not able to escape such a nasty and annoying way home. The best ways to avoid this is to wear longer-sleeved shirts or sign up for a gym and work out there.