The importance of calcium to the bone structure is a matter of general knowledge, but this mineral has many other health benefits. Scientists inform us that healthy adults require 700 mg of calcium per day. Most people should not find it difficult to obtain this naturally through diet. Milk is the most famous source because of the campaigns to encourage children to strengthen their bones and teeth. You can also find high calcium content in other dairy products, however, as well as green leafy vegetables, nuts, bread, and many other foods. Someone who is unable to get sufficient amounts in their diet can correct the imbalance by taking supplements.

1. A dental health essential

You might wonder if all the emphasis on the benefits of calcium to dental health is exaggerated, but in fact, medical studies offer abundant proof to back up these claims. One of the chief ways calcium helps is by strengthening of the jawbones that keep the teeth in position. If children get enough calcium and phosphorous, this can ensure teeth are strong and less exposed to damage from bacteria and tartar. Just the thought of fewer dental bills should be enough motivation to ensure you’re getting sufficient calcium.