Psoriasis is commonly known as a disease that doesn’t actually harm the individual that much, so it’s not one of the world’s greatest health concerns. However, it does make an unwanted appearance on the skin, and in spite of common belief, it can appear literally anywhere on the body. It is caused by a mysterious increase in growth of skin cells. Normal skin cells take up to a month to mature and fall off, while those affected by psoriasis achieve maturity in about four days, which causes the skin to stack on top of itself.
Not much is known about the cause of psoriasis, but we are familiar with its origin within a person. It’s written in the genetic code and passed down from generation to generation. However, it does not surface in every single descendant, and sometimes it takes a considerable number of contributing factors for it to finally show up. Due to our lack of actual understanding of the way in which this abnormality affects us, there is no actual cure for psoriasis. There is no hospital treatment and as close as your doctor can come to helping you with it is prescribing a skin lotion that takes the itch away. Luckily, there are various home remedies for psoriasis.

1. Sun Exposure

Probably the simplest home remedy on the list is simple exposure to sunlight. Sufferers should cover the healthy area around psoriasis with sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt, which may even worsen psoriasis and cause it to spread.
The sun contains both UVA and UVB rays, of which only the UVB bear any actual benefit for those with psoriasis. Exposure to UVA rays is known to enhance the side-effects of the condition further, so only natural sun exposure is considered treatment.