Experience the pain of a toothache is diabolical. It is unlike any other hurtful ailment of the body. As soon as that sensation strikes, you desire to relieve the soreness. If you cannot get to the dentist right away for whatever reason, you will probably search for an over-the-counter medication or at-home treatment. Check out these ten remedies for a toothache.

1. Clove Oil

Eugenol is a natural numbing anesthetic. Therefore, anything it touches will go numb, temporarily. Cloves contain this miracle drug. Using an eyedropper, squeeze one or two clove oil drops onto a cotton ball and apply it to the painful tooth. It should provide you with short-term relief – only a few minutes. However, if the oil comes in contact with the tongue or other sensitive areas of the mouth, it can be a separate irritation. It might not be worth it.