Everyone tends to become overwhelmed and stressed out at times. Stress is beneficial at times when it gives us the boost we need to get through situations like work deadlines or exams. However, extreme stress has adverse health consequences that affect many of the bodily systems. Unless you learn how to manage your stress, you will suffer mentally, emotionally, and physically. Managing your stress can take some practice, but it is possible. Here are 10 helpful tips to help you remain calm and relaxed.

1. Get regular physical exercise

The evolutionary “fight or flight” response is still activated when you feel stressed. More adrenaline and cortisol is generated to prepare you for action. Physical exercise metabolizes these excess stress hormones and restores your body to a calm, relaxed state. Any exercise is better than none at all. At the very least, try to exercise for three to five times a week for half an hour. Try to include some vigorous exercise like swimming or jogging to get your heart rate up and running. When you feel particularly stressed, take a quick, brisk walk.