Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in your pineal gland. You probably already know how melatonin is a natural sleep aid. In some cases where people have problems sleeping, taking supplements of melatonin can help. However, that is not the only health benefit of this hormone. Keep reading to learn more about the beneficial hormone called melatonin.

1. Treat GERD and Heartburn

Did you know melatonin can suppress stomach acid? It can also protect your esophagus from the effects of gastric acid. If you experience moderate to severe heartburn, you might benefit from melatonin. Although more research is needed, studies suggest that melatonin along with B vitamins and amino acids can improve the symptoms of heartburn better than the acid blocker Prilosec. Likewise, melatonin can be a natural yet effective method for GERD. Talk to your doctor about taking a multi-nutrient supplement with B vitamins, amino acids, and about six milligrams of melatonin about 30 to 60 minutes before bed to prevent and treat GERD.