Looking one’s best at all times is no cake walk, if not a virtual impossibility. Finding your own style – something that complements your assets and your personality – takes years. Making some mistakes along the way is natural. Blunders are made, faux pas are aplenty. But that’s okay, as long as you learn from them and make a pinky promise to never err the same way again. Here are some beauty blunders that every woman has made – these memories may make you cringe, but read on for a good laugh!

1. Undone Eyebrows

If a woman says she has never gone out with sloppy eyebrows, do not believe her; she lies. You will agree that having your eyebrows in perfectly threaded condition at all times is as difficult as keeping track of your bobby pins. At some point in time or the other, you have shown the world your unkempt eyebrows, knowing full well that’ll be hard to miss. Maybe you were having a bad day and couldn’t care less. Maybe you were just lazy. Whatever be it, let’s keep those undone-eyebrow-days to a minimum!