The wise folk always keep their first aid kits well-stocked for emergencies. And herbal remedies should be a part of every such kit because sometimes, they tend to be more effectual than allopathic medication, especially in emergencies. Those who travel and frequent the outdoor a lot keep many herbs handy to soothe skin irritation and allergies, sunburn, insect bites, so on and so forth. Thus, if you’re building your first aid kit, make sure you add in these 5 herbs and you’ll surely not regret it.

1. Raspberry

Suffering from menstrual cramps? Sunburnt, are you? Or feeling the urge to puke? Well, raspberry will come to the rescue, not the fruit so much as the leaves though. You can either prepare a tea infusion or a soothing compress for treating these ailments. To make the tea, leave raspberry leaves in boiling hot water for 15 minutes. For a compress, simply refrigerate this tea and apply on the affected site using a clean, soaking cloth.