Pasta is one of the most frequently eaten things in the whole world. It’s tasty, able to work with any ingredients and makes you feel full. Like always, there must be a downside. In the case of pasta, it’s the immense amount of carbohydrates. For those wanting to lose weight, this may be a big obstacle. Many people dislike gaining weight but like the taste of pasta. Is this an unsolvable problem? Fortunately, it isn’t. The bringer of the solution is none other than the spiralizer. This useful tool is just what every pasta lover needs. It works by turning vegetables into fake-noodles. You can put any vegetable into this machine and try out its magic. Insert a vegetable into the spiralizer. This will turn it into long strands of delicious goodness. Think of spaghetti, but without the carbohydrates.



This is why every household should have a spiralizer. It’s an essential tool that is both efficient and inexpensive. You can pre-spiralize your veggies and store them in the fridge. Whenever you want, you can have a crack at a full bowl of veggie-pasta. By adding a spiralizer to your kitchen arsenal, you enhance your quality of life and your health. What would a utilitarian kitchen tool be without good recipes? That’s why we’ve decided to compile the ten tastiest and most nutritious recipes out there. You will look at vegetables from a whole different perspective. Beware, you can get hooked to the tasty goodness quite easily!

1. Spinach and Goat Cheese Zucchini Spaghetti Frittata: 102.5 calories per serving

This frittata is the pinnacle of spiralizer usage. By spiralizing your zucchini, you will get noodles with an insanely crunchy texture. Zucchinis are sturdy and rigid, making an excellent veggie for the spiralizer to work on. When you’re done spiralizing noodles, add the spinach and about 12 egg whites. While the eggs are cooking, you can sprinkle some goat cheese. After doing everything and the oven is open, you get a unique meal. Low in carbohydrates in calories and simple to make, this frittata is every man’s dream.