Nowadays, more and more people are trying to make the shift to healthy eating. This is a good trend that should very much continue to gain ground. Within the process itself, we tend to focus on big meals that you can eat in the comfort of our own home. That way, we feel that we are completely in control of the situation. But, there arises a problem. You simply can’t plan your whole life around nutrition. Unexpected meetings, travel, and other plans may arise. This may disrupt your schedule and leave you wondering. While you’re wondering, there are two possible choices. You can regress on your journey towards a healthy body, or you can adapt. Quitting and regression are not an option; you should be aware of that.

When it comes to preparing for unplanned situations, there is a helpful aid – nutrition bars. These small, sweet snacks can pack a lot of power and nutrients, allowing you to have a wholesome bite on the run. Of course, the choice is widening every day. That gives us the ability to choose what we like, while also having some downsides. There are good, and there are bad nutrition bars. Obviously, it’s easy to fall into this trap. In the blink of an eye, you can catch yourself making a bad choice. Ingesting too much sugar is obviously not an option. A good nutrition bar should be nutritive and beneficial. We’ve decided to help you solve this conundrum and guide you to the best nutrition bars. Here’s 5 of those that should always be at your disposal and 5 to avoid at all costs.


These nutrition bars will aid you on your quest for bodily perfection. With enough protein and fiber and almost no sugar, they have nothing to hinder.

1. Health Warrior Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt Protein Bar

When it comes to nutrition bars, it’s crucial to have a good protein basis. In this bar, in particular, you get it from an unorthodox source – chia seeds. Even though its sweet, the 10 grams of protein and the 5 grams of fiber offset the carbohydrates. We’ve chosen it to be a part of our top five because of the crunchy taste. It will somehow stay fresh and edible no matter how long you keep it. Also, it’s completely devoid of soy, dairy, whey, and gluten. A nutrition bar tailor-made for vegans!