Wasabi is a spicy condiment. It grows naturally as a root plant in Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, and China. Although it can be challenging to grow, it is a very popular flavor. The plant itself, which grows alongside rivers, is not spicy when grated from the root. As it becomes a paste, hot vapors are released. While people love to eat wasabi with a variety of foods including sushi, it is also very healthy for you, too. Keep reading to learn more about health benefits of wasabi.

1. Aids in Weight Loss

Even though wasabi is a powerhouse of flavor, it is a low-calorie food. While other condiments have a lot of fat, wasabi actually promotes weight loss. You can add it to other dishes, dressings, and dips to turn up the taste without packing on the calories. If you like dunking your food, skip the ranch or barbeque and try some wasabi instead.

Aids in Weight Loss