There is a good chance you have never heard of this exotic fruit. It is usually only available from specialist natural food dealers. There is not much chance of seeing it on the shelf at the local fruit and vegetable shop. Its name links it to the Buddhist monks of East Asia where the fruit naturally grows. The locals value it as a sweetener and for various medical properties. Longevity Fruit is one of its’ alternative names and this indicates one of the benefits it is supposed to deliver. Although fruit usually grows on a tree this particular variety grows on a vine of the gourd plant family.

1. A good replacement for sugar

The risks of excessive sugar intake in our diet are now widely publicized. While diabetics obviously need to take special care, many people fall into a borderline category where poor dietary choices could push them over the edge. At the same time, they have become so used to sugar additives that it can be hard to cut them out entirely. Artificial sweeteners are one answer but the monk fruit natural sweetener option has much to recommend it. The fruit is very sweet but its sweetness comes without the unpleasant inflammatory side effects of sugar.