Kvass is a fermented drink that originated in Russia but is quickly becoming more popular across the world because of its many health benefits. The fermented beverage is great for detoxing your system and for its probiotic content which helps support the digestive process.

Originally made out of fermented sour rye bread, kvass is now prepared with the addition of beetroot which adds to its many health benefits. While it is an acquired taste, it is worth it to give it a shot. Here are just some of the many health benefits that come from drinking kvass.

1. Acts as a Probiotic

Kvass is packed full of probiotics which makes it a great choice for anyone that wants to improve their overall digestive health. It used to be that people got their probiotics through the fresh food. However, modern forms of agriculture have changed that. Probiotics are vital to the diet because they help prevent skin issues, candida overgrowth, colds, flu, and digestive disorders from occurring. For those who do not like to consume dairy products, kvass can be a great way to get a healthy dose of probiotics.

Acts as a Probiotic