Annatto seeds are probably best known for their ability to add a vibrant red color to just about any dish, but the truth is they’re so much more than that. While primarily used as a food dye, annatto has become increasingly popular for the health benefits it offers. It is generally consumed in seed or paste form, which you can use to add both flavor and color to a dish. If you haven’t heard of or tried annatto, that needs to change. Don’t believe us? Check out some of these awesome health benefits of annatto seeds.

1. Eyesight

Carotenoids are the main nutrient when it comes to keeping your eyes healthy. As the name might suggest, it’s the compound that’s found in carrots that makes them beneficial for your eyesight. Annatto seeds are another food that’s naturally high in carotenoids, so eating annatto seeds or taking an annatto supplement is a good way to make sure your eyes stay strong as you age.