More and more plants are being brought to light because of their health benefits. This is a big world after all, and we have yet to discover more plants out there in the rainforests. One such plant is Yohimbe. It’s a tree that grows in Africa and yields a potent extract called yohimbine from its bark. This chemical has been extensively used in the continent as herbal medicine. It also has other traditional uses. The tree’s bark has been used mainly as an aphrodisiac. But its approval by international drug agencies has given it more exposure. The chemical also has a potent effect on many body functions.




The demand for the extract has spawned fake extracts. If you want to obtain the genuine extract of Yohimbe, get it from a certified herbal practitioner. You can also acquire it from a health food store. The application of the Yohimbe extract covers a wide range. If you wanted to use it, be sure you are using the proper dosage because too much of the chemical can be harmful.

1. Promotes Sexual Health

The most popular benefit of Yohimbe is an aphrodisiac. It can enhance sexual health, especially for those fighting impotence. Both women and men can benefit from it. Studies conducted have indicated its potential in treating orgasmic dysfunction. Men are especially attracted to such benefits. Yohimbe is worthy as the first line of treatment for severe cases of impotence. Using it could increase the blood supply to the penis with just a single dose. Yohimbe extracts may be an answer for people whose sex lives have been in the doldrums. You can always resort to pharmaceutical aphrodisiacs but these can produce side effects, Yohimbe does not. After all, it has frequently been used for generations for precisely the same purpose.

Promotes Sexual Health