Avocados – a delicious super food full of healthy fats that can be used in any dish, no matter if it’s for breakfast, dinner or for a snack. Everyone knows that avocado is perfect for guacamole, but let’s be honest, it’s getting a bit boring and there are so many other things you can make with avocado! Let’s take a look at 15 exciting ways to use avocados!

1. Smoothies

When it comes to smoothies, avocados are the ultimate choice – you can add them either to vegetable green smoothies or sweet, fruity smoothies. You can make lighter refreshing drinks or heavier mousses – your choice. You can try blending kiwi and avocado with a bit of honey, lime and ice for a refreshing mix or for a more breakfast-y and filling version try mixing avocado with almond milk, oats, soy protein powder, some spinach and berries. Delicious and nutritious!