Milk is an affordable, nutrient-dense food. It contains many vital micro-nutrients that are important for growth and development and overall health. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 85% of the animal milk available comes from cattle. Buffaloes come in second, providing 11% of the world’s animal milk, followed by goats with 2%, and sheep with 1%. India is the top milk producer, producing 18% of the world’s milk, following by the USA, which produces 12% of the world’s milk. In the last three decades, milk production around the world has only been on the rise. It is used to make cheese, butter, ghee, milk powder, and many other products. There is a reason milk is so popular—it’s affordable, it’s healthy, and it’s versatile. Let’s explore how milk can positively impact our health.

1. Builds Strong Bones

Calcium is the most abundant and most often replaced mineral in your body. It makes up to 2% of your body weight! As we go about our daily lives, our bodies are continually working to break down and rebuild bones. Calcium is constantly being removed from bones, and must be immediately replaced. If it is not, we risk having brittle and weak bones. That is why 99 percent of the calcium you consume is used for your bones and teeth.
Milk is one of the best sources of calcium available. One cup of milk provides 29% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium. This is especially important for children who are quickly growing and require a lot of calcium to build strong and healthy bones!