Cholesterol is a lipid molecule that is infamous for increasing risk of heart disease. On eating rich and fatty foods, the amount of cholesterol in the blood rises, thus leading to a build-up in the arteries which over time leads to reduced blood circulation and possibly even complete blockage. The latter condition can have serious consequences including a heart attack. Unfortunately, high blood cholesterol may not produce symptoms until it’s very late. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone consume a diet that has low amounts of cholesterol. Also, cholesterol-fighting foods, such as those mentioned below, should be consumed to treat and/or prevent high cholesterol.

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a clear winner when it comes to choosing foods that benefit your heart and reduce the cholesterol levels. Next time you indulge in chocolates, choose the bittersweet ones. Dark chocolates in comparison to milk ones contain thrice as many antioxidants, while controls the blood sugar in the body. It has been proved that a lot of people notice a 10% reduction in their cholesterol levels once they added dark chocolate (in moderation) to their diets. In addition, these flavonoid antioxidants keep the arteries unclogged. So, now you even have a reason to eat chocolates!