Coconut oil has been a mainstay of tropical diets for centuries. It’s native to many different parts of the globe and has been a part of diet and health care for centuries. Recently, it’s experienced a revival in the form of coconut water and coconut oil for cooking, but there are many different uses for coconut oil. Over 1500 different studies have determined unique benefits to coconut oil, centered around the unique chains of fatty acids in them. These are called “medium chain fatty acids” (MCFAs). They’re saturated fats, easily digestible and turned into energy for the body.

1. Helps Fight Bacteria

Coconut oil has surprising antibacterial properties, with the ability to reduce candida, fight bacteria and create a hostile environment for viruses. Almost half of the fat of the coconut is composed of a substance known as lauric acid. This plays a key role in destroying bacteria that are active in the stomach and mouth areas. Interestingly enough this acid is also found in a mother’s breast milk. Researchers have proved that breast milk helps immunize babies against a variety of infection and in a similar vein, the lauric acid in coconuts can protect adults.

benefits of coconut oil