Anyone who has studied the lives of the South Sea Islanders immediately recognizes the vital role of the coconut in their societies. In today’s world market processed foods and products reach every corner of the world and undermine the centrality of the coconut in these regions. Nevertheless, the fact that the coconut was a mainstay of their traditional lifestyles continues to testify to its high nutritional value. It provides a nourishing food in the form of its fat, and its oil brings many benefits. Its multiple uses range includes medical and cosmetic applications, and some suggest it could even help you stay youthful.

1. Helps fight bacteria

The idea that the coconut could have a role fighting off bacteria is one that many will find very surprising. Most consider it a tasty food and drink but lack any awareness of possible medical qualities. Almost half of the fat of the coconut is composed of a substance known as lauric acid. This plays a key role destroying bacteria that active in the stomach and mouth areas. Interestingly enough this acid is also found in a mother’s breast milk. Researchers have proved that breast milk helps immunize babies against a variety of infection and in a similar vein, the lauric acid in coconuts can protect adults.