Toxicity is something that can is present in everything in a smaller or bigger dose. Of course, most of us are unaware of these symptoms. This is, of course, due to the medical definition of toxicity. Anything that has even slightly adverse effects on us can be called toxic. So, calling food toxic has become pretty liberal in recent years. Because of this, many of the foods we eat daily can be indeed considered toxic. But, this is in such small doses that we don’t suffer any consequences. This supports the age-old claim that the dose makes something a poison. Despite this, there is some food we consume that are downright toxic. We’re not talking about slightly detrimental, but full blown deadly. Why do we keep eating them, if this is the case?


Well, this is a question of taste. Some of these toxic foods are delicacies in certain areas of the world. Or, some parts of certain plants are safe for eating in very moderate doses. Regardless of the reason, toxic food is around us. Do you know some examples? Since most of us are in the dark about this, we’ve decided to spread some knowledge. That’s why we’ve created this list. In it, you can read about the ten essential toxic foods. Some of them are rare and unknown, but some are your daily diet elements. Be careful of what you eat and don’t overdo these particular foods. How many did you know were seriously toxic?

1. Pufferfish

This fish is one of the most poisonous creatures ever to swim the oceans. Every bit of its blood, organs, and skin contains the dangerous poison tetrodotoxin. Tetrodotoxin is actually 100 more potent than any form of cyanide.


Strangely enough, people in Japan, China, and Korea still eat it as a known delicacy. Only a select few chefs have the license to prepare. Before even getting the license, they have to go through a multi-year training program. One entire pufferfish can kill 30 people with no problem at all.