It seems that there are million different diets. Most of them go unchecked, unverified experimentations created by laymen. However, in the midst of this ocean of information, a new diet has become suddenly popular. We’re talking about the amazingly simple, but efficient 80/20 diet. Many celebrities have tried it out, and it paid off perfectly. So, what’s this amazing dieting plan and how does it work? Well, the basic principles of this diet are very simple. 80% of the time, you have to pay attention to what you eat. The other 20% is for indulging in things that are tasty, but yet unhealthy. Why is this so effective? For starters, it solidifies the notion of balance and its significance. It gives you both what you need and what you like. Not many diets offer that.


Most eating programs fall apart because of exclusivity. People see that their program doesn’t allow slip up or mistakes, so they build up cravings. After not eating sweets or fast food for a while, we tend to overindulge. Thankfully, the 80/20 diet understand human psychology perfectly. This is why it is so effective and relentless in melting fat and bringing a smile to our faces. To get to know which diet better, we’ve arranged the ultimate tip list. On it, you will find every piece of info you need to execute this diet correctly. With this new knowledge, you should be able to achieve your goals. Let’s get started.

1. Be meticulous and calculate

Many people fall into the trap of overestimating how much is 20% of their daily food. You cannot estimate or make wild guesses. The 80/20 doesn’t only make you slimmer; it teaches you an important lesson. By following it, you become much more attentive to details. You have to track every calorie and make plans for the day. This organizing pattern will keep you from overindulging and derailing your plans. It will be boring and hard in the beginning, but it becomes easy with time.