You might try to eat healthy once in a while, but how often do you read the nutrition label? If you notice a bunch of big words that you don’t recognize, maybe it’s not the healthiest food. Processed meals are loaded with unusual ingredients; some of the foods you are eating might not be food at all. How would you feel knowing you are consuming artificial products that started out as bugs or household cleaners? Even some of the most organic foods are not safe from food additives. On the other hand, adding certain things to our foods might save us from other illnesses. Check out 10 Surprising Food Additives to learn more!

1. Shellac

When you hear this word, you probably think about a nice finish on your nails or a shiny wooden table. Shellac starts with the female lac bug; it’s native to Thailand and India. The bug excretes a solution to stick to trees. This resin is processed and dissolved in ethanol to create the liquid shellac that is used as a high-gloss finish. In the food industry, shellac is a glazing agent for things like apples, which lose their natural wax after being picked and cleaned.