When it comes to eating, we tend to focus mostly on meat and basic carbohydrates. To harness the potential of your health, you need to expand a bit. To do so, you must pay more attention to plants. Plant-based foods, fruit, and veggies have lots of distinct properties that other foods don’t. Amongst those properties is the presence of polyphenols. What are these compounds anyway? Well, for starters, they are one of the biggest antioxidant classes in existence. Almost nothing other than plant-based food possesses these valuable and elusive antioxidants. Their benefits are many and stunning at the same time. Of course, they increase your lifespan by eliminating possible cancerous cells. Antioxidants are also bent on destroying any signs of free radicals. It causes inflammation.

Furthermore, they increase the quality of your blood flow. This happens when your arterial flexibility improves. It allows for more blood to pass through. Polyphenols prove to be indispensable additions to every well-rounded and healthy diet. Coronary diseases are almost impossible to contract if one eats polyphenols. This proves to be true when looking at Mediterranean peoples. They all live longer while eating many polyphenol-rich foods. Did you also know that wine contains a plenty of polyphenols? That’s just the start of how prevalent they are. We’ve decided to compile the best of the best in the polyphenol food world. These top choices in terms of antioxidant content are must-haves in your diet. Here are ten leading candidates for the polyphenol throne.

1. Dark chocolate

Most people already recognize the soothing effects of black chocolate. It’s been a known stress reducer, as well as a nutritious snack option. Did you also know how much polyphenols are there in it? It’s amongst the leaders for a reason. The polyphenol count depends on the percentage of cocoa. The blacker the chocolate, the higher the polyphenol levels in it.
It is known as a good addition to every diet. The beneficial effects stem from the cocoa content. Alongside antioxidants, it has much more worthy additions to one’s health. 100 grams per weeks should be enough to show effects.