Governments and media place great efforts into warning the public about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. You only need to look the statistics of accidents caused by drink and driving, or the crime figures, to realize that these campaigns are necessary. For all the detrimental publicity alcohol attracts it still has its health benefits. You might be surprised to learn the number of alcoholic drinks that contribute to your wellbeing. The only provision is you should only drink in moderation, or the damage to health will far outweigh any gains.

1. Take a hot toddy

You can make a hot toddy by diluting whiskey with warm water. One tried and trusted recipe from England requires you to mix one part of whiskey with two parts of warm water into a glass and then add a little sugar. This is a proven way to fight off colds and flues. Many prefer this treatment to prescription medicines since all the ingredients are natural. Some people also take a small hot toddy daily. They claim it strengthens their immune system and lengthens lifespans.