Tofu has become a popular vegetarian substitute for meat dishes, but you do not have to be a vegetarian to benefit from this healthy food. Even though Tofu became popular in western countries over the last few decades, its origins go back over a thousand years to China. Milk derived from soya beans is the main ingredient in tofu. Tofu changes in cooking from a smooth to a crisp texture. This versatility makes it a cook’s favorite. Manufacturers sell tofu product market in fermented and non-fermented forms, but most of the tofu sold in America is not fermented.

1. Might help fight off heart disease

Replacing milk and meat products with tofu helps lower cholesterol. In particular, research shows that soya contains compounds that help to lower LDL cholesterol. LDL is the “bad” cholesterol measurement that needs to stay below a certain level to reduce health risks. In contrast, the body also contains the “good” cholesterol called HDL. High HDL levels help negate the damage LDL cholesterol causes. Some research indicates that eating soya helps improve HDL cholesterol levels. It might also help reduce the levels of another key cholesterol problem marker, triglycerides. However, its role in lowering LDL cholesterol has the most supporting evidence.