Deciding to get healthy is an important and praiseworthy decision. It requires a lot of planning and habit changing. Amongst those habit changes is the necessary inclusion of more nutrients. It doesn’t only include proteins and good carbohydrates, but also fats. We always fear fats from a young age, but this fear is completely unfounded. Take the champion of all fatty acids, the Omega 3, as an example. That is the one fat that you wouldn’t want to cut back on. Not only is Omega 3 essential for the functioning of your body, but it is also a carrier of big health benefits. The sad thing is that people are still unaware of the miraculous properties of Omega 3. It engulfs your entire body with its effects and raises the quality of your life by a lot.

It’s not about your life, but Omega 3 can also improve the development of fetuses and growth of infants. Because of these benefits, it’s important to set one thing straight. Fatty acids are not the Satan of nutrients. They have their own distinct abilities that add much to the balance of our bodily functions. Without further ado, we give you the ten most astonishing benefits of Omega 3. This magical fatty acid can really solve anything. It’s high time that you got on the fun. Add it to your diet. You won’t regret the move, we guarantee you.

1. Combats depression and anxiety issues

Depression is one of the most widespread conditions in the world. People are constantly plagued by all sorts of dangerous medicine and prescription drugs. It’s high time that we got our hands on a natural remedy. Enter Omega 3, the all-around beneficial fatty acid. Several studies support the antidepressive effects of this awesome compound. People in the East, who consume more fish, are by far the least depressed nation. Also, Omega 3 supplements lessen depression symptoms with all ages and social groups. EPA Omega 3s are the best at this improving mental facet.