First of all – what is MCT oil anyway? MCT stands for Medium-chain triglyceride. These types of triglycerides are especially healthy. They have many beneficial properties that can aid the organism. MCT oils have long been the subject of debates in the medical and scientific communities. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, these medium-chain acids led to damage of heart and vessels. In the present times, it turns out that the claim was wrong. It has saturated fatty acids. Also, the unhealthy fact is a false one. With that in mind, you should include some MCT oil containing foods into your diet. You can gradually involve them in your diet by consuming more on a regular basis.
All MCT oils are efficient as they have medium length chains. It falls into four categories: C6, C8, C10, and C12. Experts divide them according to their chain lengths. The shorter the chain, the faster the body can metabolize the energy from the acid. Although the C6 group metabolizes the fastest, other groups have important benefits, too. The most notable representative of this fatty acid group is coconut oil and palm oil. Many people are disregarding sunflower oil because of these two healthier alternatives. What makes them so healthy and why you shouldn’t hesitate and include them into your diet? These health benefits might be the answer.

1. A stable and long-lasting source of energy

The main advantage of MCT is its property. It gets metabolized into energy at a fast pace. These healthy saturated fats have medium chains. It makes them perfect for use in everyday dieting. If the chains were longer, metabolizing would be much slower. If they were shorter, they wouldn’t bring all the necessary nutrients that can aid you. When you ingest, let’s say, coconut oil, it goes straight to the liver. Because of that transport shortcut, it will get dissolved into energy right away. It will give you a significant energy boost. No matter the situation, you could always use such a potent energy source.