Coconut water is a beverage staple in many tropical regions of the world. While it has many benefits, coconut water is devoid of any calories whatsoever, which makes it a great solution for people trying to lose weight. There are two kinds of coconut water- tender and mature. Tender coconut water stems from young, green coconuts.  On average, you can get approximately 2-4 cups of water from every nut. The secret to the beneficial effects of coconut water is its abundant micro-nutrients. They play an important role in boosting the immune system in any way possible.  You can also find other minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, and zinc. With so many health benefits, you might want to include this beverage in your diet too.

1. Coconut Water Provides Hydration

In tropical heat, we are often in need of a quick source of hydration. Sometimes, regular water can get dull, and we are in need of something more exciting. Fizzy drinks and sodas don’t make the cut because of high sugar content. An ideal healthy refreshment would be coconut water, which has similar effects as sports drinks. Coconut water is effective when treating diarrhea or excessive sweating. It’s energy and hydration without the calories.