Rice is one of the most popular foods in the world. It is the staple diet of a large section of the population in East Asia. This is the white Asian rice on sale in regular grocery stores, and you are likely to have a packet of it in your kitchen cupboard. Although it is logical to assume that wild rice is the name of another rice species the facts are otherwise. Even though food shares a name with the familiar Asian cooking ingredient, it is only a distant biological relation. Although a variety of wild rice grows in China and Asia, the North American version is the best known.

1. Food that is low in calories

A rising awareness of obesity problems encourages many more people to try to keep their weight down. This automatically adds to the appeal of low calories foods such as wild rice. A typical bowl of cooked wild rice contains a little over a hundred calories. It is an ideal item to add to a weight-watcher meal plan since it offers essential nourishment and possesses a pleasant nutty-tasting meal without pushing the eater over their daily calorie intake limit.

A food that is low in calories