The thyroid gland may not be one of the high profile bodily organs, yet it is one of the most important. It controls your metabolism and thus affects weight and energy. It also influences the health of the heart, kidneys and other better-known organs. If you feel very lethargic, or notice an unexpected rise in weight, the culprit could be an underactive thyroid gland. You might also experience weight loss and feel excessively nervous or anxious if this gland is overactive. Doctors must treat serious thyroid gland problems, but there is much you can do through dietary changes to avoid getting into this situation.

1. Try some bamboo shoots

If you take an interest in endangered species, you are likely to know that bamboo shoots are the favorite food of pandas. The idea that they contain unique medicinal qualities that benefit humans is far less well known. Substances found in bamboo shoots perform an excellent job clearing out bacteria from the liver. Accumulations of bacteria prevent both liver and thyroid gland from functioning effectively. While pandas happily chew on bamboo shoots, you should boil them first, put them in a blender and take a few teaspoons full of this liquid a couple of times each day.