We are surrounded by foods that are both convenient and cheap, but they come with a price: they may increase your chances of getting cancer. Preservatives, colorants and other additives are mixed in with different foods to make them last longer or to make them more appetizing. Often there is a link between such chemicals and certain types of cancers. As consumers, we have the freedom to consume healthier alternatives that taste better and at the same time pose less risk for our health. Find out ten foods that cause cancer.

1. Canned Foods

First on the list of cancer-causing foods is canned food. This is a staple product that can be readily found in many homes. In this case, convenience comes with a price to pay: often, canned goods are full of preservatives and added substances that may increase your chance of developing cancer. One of such substances is BPA, which has been proven to modify brain cells genetically. To cut down on your consumption of canned foods, look for alternatives such as frozen foods (vegetables and fruits) and make an effort to consume more fresh products.