Vasculitis is a medical conditions in which there is inflammation of the Blood Vessels. Vasculitis can occur on its own, or along with another disease. The impacts may be for a short period or result in longer-term harm to the vasculature. There are many sorts of vasculitis, and they may change significantly in signs, seriousness, and length. Most types of vasculitis are uncommon, and the causes are not known. Vasculitis influences people of both genders and all ages Here is a list of 10 symptoms through which this disease can be identified:

1. Skin rashes

An assortment of rashes, the most common which is palpable purpura –purplish–red spots, can typically be found on the legs. These spots can more often than not be felt by on the fingertips, which is why it is known as palpable. These sores result from the spillage of blood into the skin through inflamed blood veins. The rashes have a tendency to clot together in groups while occurring. Thus, if unexplained skin rashes are experienced throughout the body or especially legs, vasculitis may be the underlying reason.