“Tennis elbow” is a common term for a condition caused by overuse of muscles in the arm, forearm, and hand which results in elbow pain. The term refers to the fact that this is a common injury among tennis players. Tennis elbow specifically involves the area where the muscles and tendons of the forearm attach to the outside bony area (called the lateral epicondyle) of the elbow. If tennis elbow is diagnosed in its early stages, it is usually easy to treat successfully. However, if the condition is persistent, it might require surgery to correct. Here are the most effective and common treatments for tennis elbow:

1. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is proving to be one of the best tennis elbow treatments available. Using cryotherapy to treat tennis elbow involves wearing a special cuff over the elbow.  The cuff applies a cold compress to the elbow in a controlled manner to minimize pain and swelling. When a person is injured, blood vessels rupture and blood cells and other fluids tend to seep under the skin, resulting in bruising and swelling. Cryotherapy decreases these symptoms and eliminates inflammation in the affected area.