Having chicken pox as a kid was hard enough, but having it reappear again is even more difficult. Sadly, the virus itself never disappears from your body; it will continue to lurk in your nervous system until it attacks once your immune system gets weaker. And due to this, shingles appear far more often in the older population, but nevertheless, it can still appear anytime as long as the conditions are right. People who had an organ transplant, have cancer or AIDS are more likely to get shingles due to being immunosuppressed.

The worse thing is that you’re going to be aware of it beforehand. You will usually feel pain or some kind of tingling at some parts of your body, parts which are always only on one side. And soon after that, you’ll get a red rash, and after that, you will get blisters that can last from a few days to several weeks. But how do we make this easier? Thankfully, there are quite a way ways. In the following list, we’re going to list one of the most useful ones.

1. Baking soda

As plain as baking soda is, it always finds a way to become helpful in some kind of problem in your life. And due to baking soda being available to absolutely everyone, this is extra helpful, so let’s get on it.

The best way to use it is to turn it into a paste by adding a little bit of water. After mixing, apply this paste directly on the affected area and be very gentle in order not to irritate the skin, this is the last thing we want.