Sciatica is a painful condition whereby sharp, shooting pains run down an individual’s spine to the leg at random intervals. It is caused by the abnormal compression of the sciatica nerve which may be so due to bad lifestyle choices, inactivity and weight gain, accidental injuries, so on and so forth. Since sciatica pains can get so discomforting as to hamper everyday functioning, treatment is almost impossible to forego. Here are some treatment techniques you may try out for soothing sciatica pains.

1. Foam Rolling

In recent times, foam rolling has come to be a very popular means of attaining relief from sciatica pain. A rolled-up foam cylinder is rolled over or under the body in varying positions, which is known to stimulate those areas that are inaccessible with massages and regular exercise. You can try foam rolling at home by acquiring a roller from a sports shop or therapist’s office, or consult a physiotherapist for the same.