An unintended pregnancy is an unplanned or accidental pregnancy which brings along distress for both men and women who are not ready for a baby. This is the very reason why one uses birth control methods to avoid pregnancy.
Birth control methods are a boon of modern chemistry that has brought a change in sexual landscape. Where on one hand, birth control methods can be extremely beneficial, on the other hand they may cause a dozen of surprising side effects, which can make a woman queasy and .
Here are the 12 most common birth control side effects and risks:

1. Spotting

Also referred to as breakthrough bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding or spotting can occur during the first few months of birth control use. Unpredictable spotting is rarely dangerous, though women find it embarrassing and worrisome. What causes spotting, however, remains unclear; may be the body takes some time to get used to the hormones in the birth control pills. In case breakthrough bleeding doesn’t stop even after a week, contact your doctor.