A newborn is a bundle of joy. They grow so fast you truly how no idea how precious your little baby is until it’s too late sometimes. Nevertheless, that does not mean every second will be rainbows and puppies. Babies spit up, poop, and cry… a lot! You might even experience colic – it’s a condition when a baby cries and cries, sometimes for no reason at all it seems. The symptoms usually start around a few weeks of age but stop around four to six months old. Instead of getting frustrated and stressed out when your baby cries, try to see if he or she has any of these symptoms of colic. Don’t worry; there are a few treatments that can help a colicky baby.

1. Intense Crying Bouts

You might notice your baby has quite the personality with an emotion for hunger, anger, and so on. Sometimes when your baby cries you have big crocodile tears and occasionally just a fake whimper. If your baby has a crying outburst, you will wonder what’s wrong. Frequent, excessive crying is the most common symptom of colic. Your infant might get a red, flushed face because of the intense crying bout, but in terms of health, nothing is wrong with your little one.